Food Safety Auditing

Our periodic unannounced inspections will result in actionable recommendations to achieve the best food safety practice. This will prepare your catering business for a five-star Environmental Health inspection. The audit is based on up-to-date criteria provided by UK Environmental Health Officers, we will monitor your food safety system and ensure it is compliant with current legislation.

Quality Audits

Using our catering industry experience and knowledge, Prince Catering Consultants Limited have developed a proactive auditing system which results in improved quality and continual development. Our key performance indicators prove the audit provides better financial performance, clear strategies, and an effective operation.

Outside Caterers

If you use a contractor to run your catering operation, it is beneficial to monitor the third-party organisation. This ensures all practices and procedures detailed in the contract documents are adhered to. Food safety and customer experience are two important factors to consider.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)

Using our knowledge and expertise, we can successfully create policies and risk assessments for your establishment, or help you develop current documents already in use. Policies and risk assessments are crucial when running a catering service.

Allergen Management

Build upon your Food Safety Policy with formal procedures for managing allergens. It is important to keep customers informed of ingredients and allergens present in your food products to prevent complaints and legal action which may be detrimental to your business’ reputation.

Chef's Kitchen

Catering Evaluation & Preparation Services

Consultancy Process and Pricing

Initial Evaluation Consultation, up to three hours: £250.00

Once we have an idea of where the operation currently stands from a food safety perspective, we will offer you a full HACCP package including training. The training will help you and your employees correctly record and store information regarding food safety processes and procedures. 

Existing catering audit/evaluation with action plan report: £300.00

Consultancy rate (per hour) thereafter: £100.00

Final Dish Arrangements
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"We received terrific advice and support from Prince Catering Consultants Ltd, in our run up to opening a new café in Kineton. Leim couldn't have been more helpful, courteous and supportive. Through his support and guidance the pressure of formulating an effective HACCP plan was lifted from our shoulders. The easiest recommendation I have ever made!"

- Keith

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